Verify and Deliver Compliance

Compliance matters:

  • Improve public safety.
  • Increase revenue
  • Ensure fairness for all owners and managers

Automated compliance check

Manual oversight and varying degrees of compliance

Customized workflow and requirements

Full reporting in real-time

Automated Compliance Check

Every listing is automatically assessed for compliance, based on what ‘compliance’ means for your jurisdiction. When compliance can be definitively determined by cross-referencing multiple data points, that listing is recorded as compliant and that information is then passed to the associated property.

Manual Oversight and Varying Degrees of Compliance

When full compliance cannot be determined, our team is able to access records and databases to identify the property and assign the listing a compliance status. Typically, there are multiple types of possible non-compliance and we select the one that best suits each case. The notes and audit logs recorded for each listing mean anyone on our team, or your admin staff, can audit that decision-making process.

 Workflow and Requirements

Before we can determine compliance on a listing we need to determine what compliance means and the various steps owners and managers need to complete in order to maintain that status. Not only will we work to define that with you, but our system can also function as the complete permitting process and system of record. Either way, your custom requirements can change at any time and our compliance check will change accordingly.

Full Reporting in Real-Time

You dashboard includes an interactive map where you can filter properties and listings by various compliance types and click through to the listing or property record behind them. This map, and all other reports we provide, reflects the current status of all compliance checks. When a new record is reviewed the reports will reflect that change.


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