Tax Remittance

Why it Matters:

   Increase revenue

   Go paperless

   Simplify remittance for owners/ managers

    Key Features:

    Secure, encrypted payment portal

    SSL encrypted and trusted by over 20,000 businesses, our payment portal has processed over 4 million dollars to date.

    Optional one-stop-shop

    You can use LODGINGRevs without electing to use our tax remittance service. You can always decide to add the service should it become helpful. Our clients who do choose to include tax remittance appreciate the seamlessness it provides their community.

    Intuitive, supported process

    Our payment platform helps owners and managers pay the right amount of tax on time. Plus, our support team is here for questions along the way. Your staff and the community will be supported throughout the process.

    Full reporting

    You can see who has paid what, when the payments were applied, and you can use the booking data from listings to identify likely under-reporters. Other reports allow you to see how much revenue is coming in from various rental and management types and additional useful market insights.