Why it Matters:

   Make informed decisions

   Track Key Performance Indicators

   Focus your resources

    Key Features:

    Interactive listings and properties map

    On your dashboard will have a map with all listings in your jurisdiction displayed. You can filter this map to see just the properties behind the listings and also filter by various categories of compliance and outreach. Most importantly, you can click through to the listings and properties behind the map, allowing you to access all layers of the data.

    Click through reports

    What sets our reports apart is your ability to click through them. The fact that our reports are interactive means you can use them to visualize AND access the data you need.

    Report builder

    With our reports builders you can create and save a multitude of searches. We provide you with most of the reports you will ever need, but by creating and saving your own you can most efficiently control how you interact with your data.

    Data export

    All of our reports can be exported as a csv, so you can share and manipulate the data as needed. You always own your data.