Why it Matters:

   Simplify compliance

   Increase revenue

   Go paperless

    Key Features:

    Intuitive online portal

    Property owners and managers can easily create an account and register a property. Their dashboard will guide them through the permitting process, let them know of any status changes and inform them of any notifications from your staff. Existing records can be edited and new properties can be added at any time.

    Customizable workflow

    You can customize the steps applicants need to complete in order to receive a permit and how those permits get approved. All forms can be edited online and with entry validation and electronic signature support you can go paperless with confidence. Our permitting platform also supports interdepartmental approvals and inspections.

    Process fees and payments

    Owners and managers can easily and securely join the over 20,00 businesses who process payments on our platform. You can set the amount due for any transaction and when the owners/ managers use their credit card the funds will be automatically deposited in your jurisdiction's account.

    Full reporting

    As with all of our reports, you can see big picture with the ability to filter down to various categories and click through to the data behind them. With permitting reporting you can see who has applied, where they are in the process, open tasks for your staff, permit statuses and much more.