Monitor Listings


Monitoring listings matters:

  • See the types, numbers and locations of listings across all relevant platforms.


  • Ensure fairness for all property owners, regardless of the listing platform they advertise on.

30+ sites monitored in-house

Each listing gets its own page

Advertisements are fully searchable and reportable

Notifications, notes and actions for individual and bulk advertisements


30+ Sites Monitored In-House

Our development team monitors all of the sites that matter for your community.   We track 20+ sites for all of our clients and you can choose to add up to 5 more for local boutique sites relevant to your area.

The fact that we do not rely on outside data providers for this information means that as soon as a new listing site appears we can control how and when that site gets monitored for listings.

Each Listing Gets Its Own Page

When we find a new listing our system automatically creates a new page specific to that listing.   Our automated process also checks for compliance, identifies the owner/manager, reverse geocodes the address and makes other key data easily accessible (and searchable!).


Searchable and Reportable

From your dashboard, you can easily search advertisements by virtually any data point, drill down to individual listings or report on category types of your choosing.  As with all of our reports, you can export the results as a csv.

Notifications, notes and actions

for individual and bulk advertisements

The individual page for each advertisement allows you to issue notifications on an individual level, view the property and owner information associated with that listing, view its booking data, attach assessor records, see an audit log and record or view notes.  Plus each listing is added to the index page where you can add notifications or take other actions in bulk.


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