Identify Properties


Identifying properties matters:

  • See who is advertising.
  • Know who to contact.
  • Know how to contact them.

Reverse geocoding address identification

Property validation through multiple data points

Associate a property with all of its listings

Send all of the appropriate outreach to the right place


Reverse Geocoding

Address Identification

Our program goes behind the scenes to identify the longitude and latitude of each listing and reverse geocodes the address, which you can then view on a map and edit as needed. We know that longitude and latitude are just the beginning of the identification process, but it is key in ensuring complete accuracy


Property Validation

With an address identified, the system automatically checks that data against a number of other values, including permit info, assessor records, advertised owners/managers, DBA, among others. We also provide a layer of manual oversight where the automatic check is not conclusive.


A Property to All Listings

When we associate a listing with a particular property, that record then becomes a part of the information you can access and report on for that particular property. With many properties advertising multiple times across listing sites, it is essential to be able to see all of their listings in one place.

Send All of the Appropriate Outreach

to the Right Place

Once a property had been attached to its various listings, it becomes easy to send notifications to the correct mailing address for the owner or manager. Our dynamic notification templates ensure that all relevant information gets combined into one message so that the compliance process can be as efficient and effective as possible for owners/managers.


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