Why it Matters:

   Improve public safety

   Keep owners/ managers informed

   Reduce the number of problem properties

    Key Features:

    Online public complaint form

    Our complaint form is available to the public 24/7 and allows for audio, video and document upload. The complaint is automatically associated and logged with the correct property.

    24/7 or standard hotline

    Most non-emergency complaints do not require a live agent after standard business hours, but we do offer 24/7 support to jurisdictions that request this feature. Either way, our support team is all US-based. All calls are recorded and transcribed and the complaint is attached to the appropriate property.

    Real-time outreach

    All complaints are immediately logged in the system and an email is sent to the owner or manager of record for that property.  In addition, your jurisdiction can select other automation features based on the rules you set for the number and frequency of complaints.  These options include the ability to email to your staff or 411 system and automating license revocation.  Immediate phone outreach can be added as an additional feature.

    Full reporting

    Our complaint reporting allows you to view problem properties, number of complaints, complaint types and much more. You can also view the notifications that have been sent and, for emails, whether they were opened.