Notifications matter:

  • Keep your ordinances front-of-mind.
  • Support owners/managers compliance efforts.
  • Make compliance easy.


Emails and PDFs with your jurisdiction's branding

Customized, dynamic templates

Send by bulk or individual

Full reporting

Branded for Your Jurisdiction

You can send emails and PDFs to owners/managers with your jurisdiction’s branding and messaging informing them on a range of topics, including their compliance status for all their listings and properties and the steps they can take to remain in compliance.

Customized, dynamic templates

We provide you with a number of notification templates that can be modified as needed. You can also create your own. Using smart fields, our notifications dynamically populate emails and PDFs with the information specific to each recipient, including referencing specific properties and listings in the body of the message. Not only will the owners and managers know the steps they need to take, but they’ll also receive fewer notifications because relevant information will be combined into one message.

Bulk or Individual

You can attach and send notifications to individual listings or properties from their respective pages. You can also filter listings/properties in a variety of ways and send those sub-groups specific notifications in bulk.

Full Reporting

Our notifications reporting tool allows you to see what notifications went out, who received them, when and if they were opened and many other useful data points. As with all of our reports, you can filter by a variety of categories and click through to individual instances.


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