Booking Data


Booking data matters:

  • Support auditing efforts.


  • Gauge market trends.

Calculated average nightly rate

Number of booked nights and estimated revenue

Fully reportable


Calculated Average Nightly Rate

When we find a new listing we also collect and calculate calendar information provided by the listing site. Nightly prices will vary, so we average them out over a period of time so you can see on average how much that property charges per night.

Number of Booked Nights and Estimated Revenue

With our ability to see a listing’s availability over a period of time, we can identify the number of times that property has been booked in a given month. Multiplied by its average nightly rate and accounting for nights listed as unavailable but not actually booked, we provide you with an estimated monthly revenue.



You can view how much a property has likely received in revenue over a span of several months. With this data in hand you can then identify likely under-reporting properties.


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